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Bestcrawl is a renowned independent shop of computers, electronics, headphones, storage devices, and other items in Uganda. We provide a huge selection of items from the largest brands on the high street at very affordable costs. You are sure to discover the necessary item you have been searching for with so many goods to pick from. We have everything a gadget lover might want, from cutting-edge gaming laptops to computers made specifically for schools. We provide a large selection of cutting-edge technological products, including laptops, desktop PCs, tablets, smartphones, printers, and more, at amazing prices. Because of our established commercial ties with renowned producers like Apple, Microsoft, Toshiba, HP, Samsung, Lenovo, and Acer, among others, we are able to haggle prices and give you the best deal available. We take pride in the knowledge of our professionals since it guarantees that we have products that meet your needs. You can find the goods you want from us whether you enjoy tabs, are an editor, or are a gamer. We are dedicated to giving you the best possible purchase experience from start to finish. Our main concern is with your shopping experience! Our highly trained staff is always up to date on the most cutting-edge technologies, even before the products are available in stores. This is the reason why our clients keep coming back to us!

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Everything a PC enthusiast could want The largest selection of computer parts at the lowest prices can be found at Bestcrawl. You can improve your PC with whatever you need. Browse our complete offering of storage devices, including lightning-fast SSDs, large capacity HDDs, and RAM upgrades for both desktops and laptops. Desktop and laptop PCs Naturally, not everyone has the desire to construct their own computer. Thankfully, we provide a wide selection of desktop and laptop computers from the most well-known brands, like HP, Lenovo, Acer, Dell, Apple, and more. From very affordable entry-level PCs to the most advanced models, we carry it all. You can select from a wide range of networking and accessory choices to complete your PC or Mac. Gaming The popularity of PC gaming is soaring and increasing daily. Our selection of gaming laptops is jam-packed with high-performance models from the biggest gaming manufacturers, including Asus, Republic of Gamers, and MSI. Our Business is Technology We always have the most recent technology, including storage options from well-known manufacturers like Lacie and Western Digital. Additionally, you can get huge discounts on anything from projectors to headphones. You can find anything that has a plug on it at Bestcrawl. Entertainment at home At Bestcrawl, we offer a variety of home entertainment options for every price range, including potent projectors that will serve as the stunning focal points of your home theater setup. With our top-of-the-line solutions, you may complete your system and be the envy of your friends and family. A committed sales team All of our customers are supported by a specialized specialist sales team at Bestcrawl. They are product experts with unmatched industry expertise. We are available at all times to help you with your purchase, demonstrate how to use your product, and answer any questions you may have. Unable to locate what you are looking for? We can assist! If you give our sales team a call at 0207 096 5008, we can set up a product order from one of our distributors for you.

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  • Ads Marketing

    Google Ads Manager

    You've discovered a job you'll love for years if you want to work with small business owners who rely to you for advice, quadruple the sales of online businesses when your campaigns debut, and quit an agency churn-and-burn model with little freedom and room for advancement. Growing ecommerce enterprises that help the entire world while working full-time from anywhere you want is possible. Long before COVID shocked the globe, we had been conducting this distant activity for five years. Be present at significant family events. have hobbies besides your job. Get together with your pals and chat. Keep your body healthy and fit. (We enjoy yoga, basketball, mountain biking, and calisthenics.) We are searching for a new Google Ads Manager due to the growth of our Google clientele. You will be involved with every facet of YouTube Ads, Google Shopping, Display, and Search. It's your responsibility to increase sales while preserving the desired return on ad investment. You are excellent at writing extension and ad material that will maximize clicks. Campaigns for e-commerce feed optimization. Empathetic client communication and reporting are essential. Frequent phone calls Test new features, make full use of the platform, run Google Ads scripts, and use Google Ads Editor to maximize client profit. Your area of expertise is Google Ads, which you are quite familiar with. To work from home, handle several accounts, evaluate your performance, and interact openly with our senior Google Ads manager, you must possess self-management abilities. Effective collaboration is built on the principles of accountability and transparency. It is necessary to have at least two years of experience managing Google Ads accounts (ideally in an agency environment.) an interest in learning Google Ads You look up industry authorities. If you don't have a burning desire to learn everything there is to know about Google Ads, this job is not for you. Data is used to make decisions. You are capable of spotting problems and are familiar with Google's stats. a sincere interest in clients' campaigns when optimizing them and giving them transparent reports. If your clients remain with you, your income will increase. You must treat each client's business as though it were your own. You must be self-motivated, honest, and accountable when working from home. The success of your campaign is entirely up to you, and you may manage it from any location. If you need your boss to push you, you won't succeed in this position. If you want to be happy, you must be self-driven and like working by yourself. Ideally, an Ugandan citizen. excellent knowledge of ecommerce marketing and growth across all channels. Benefits: We offer the advantages listed below, which you would anticipate from a successful business: Development. The catalyst for performance is learning. We permit two conference or educational days each year, in addition to $2000 annually. We'll utilize the money to quench our hunger for knowledge. (Conference attendance exceeded online courses in terms of ROI.) Anniversary. You'll receive a present on your anniversary every year that increases in value over time. We appreciate having you as part of our group. wellbeing and good health Receive $500 a year to spend on fitness center memberships or other physical wellness pursuits. Equipment. a tiny financial benefit for any physical activity at work. pause for a while. Before Christmas and during the New Year, we must take a break. The precise dates change every year. Your health depends on having access to the usual sorts of leave that are provided in Uganda, such as paid parental leave, vacation time, and sick leave. Gathering. Once a year, we meet up in person to chat and have fun. In 2018, we all participated in our first Escape Room experience. We succeeded. Freedom. Take advantage of working remotely or at a hot desk. Work whenever you wish, but for the first month, you must observe Ugandan business hours. Avoid the morning commute by going to the gym, staying home with the family, and staying active. Ownership. You will take over client accounts and receive considerable compensation in accordance with a tier system. Support. Get daily help from professionals in e-commerce marketing. Encourage yourself to develop your abilities. We want you to reach the pinnacle of Google Ads e-commerce expertise. That entails paying fairly and creating a climate that promotes growth. If you are qualified and this has aroused your interest, please move on to the next stage by clicking Apply to finish a simple online application form. We will react in a few days, kindly. I appreciate your zeal for this job.

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  • Sales

    Sales Lead

    As a sales lead, join a startup that is rapidly expanding. On both sides of the Awesomic market, we have recently achieved product-market fit. You would be a part of the demand side's acquisition channels (B2B). In less than 18 months, our startup has profitably expanded from a few thousand dollars to a multimillion dollar recurring business. After that, we raised more over 2.5 billion in venture capital, which enabled us to quickly test a large number of growth hypotheses. We are about to create the largest b2b marketplace for a digital workforce while taking on a 1 trillion market. We move really quickly and with great agility. Once testing yield initial encouraging results, you would closely collaborate with the founders and be capable of overseeing large budgets. We need a dedicated Sales Lead to oversee our sales teams, make sure their quotas are fulfilled, and provide management support. The ideal applicant could handle everything from lead generation and ICP creation to creative execution—as well as putting into place rapid, data-driven changes to attract new clients and keep the ones we already have. Full-stack sales leads must be able to monitor metrics from any channel at any stage of the funnel and take appropriate action. Ideal Applicant: Creative (can easily design ad working with a designer or even itself) SQL is a major plus for data-driven applications (CAC, LTV, ROAS, Churn, ICP, and DIY A/B testing). Engineers at heart / No-code automation (Engineer-like thinking. Previously worked on a number of channels and touched a variety of stages of the lead journey. You are passionate about creating an extremely productive, predictable machine out of a business strategy and the full customer funnel. should be able to automate pipeline optimization using no-code) To some degree impatient to see the findings (In this role, impatience is a good thing). In the short term, Lead Sales may and should concentrate on increasing conversions and engagement. Innovative The Sales Lead will frequently support testing out novel channels and bringing new measuring methodologies to the table for these new channels (because they are forward-thinking). To implement plans, the manager must be able to plan the workflow for the sales team, graphic designers, marketing managers, copywriters, and developers. Own the outcome and think like an entrepreneur. to have eagle view access to the entire sales funnel. Have experience with B2B SaaS and marketplaces. Including Awesomic Team You'll be a part of the coolest group of people who are all focused on the same thing, passionate about what they do, and prepared to make game-changing choices. Beautiful artwork and creativity in all its forms will be all around you every day. Additionally, amusing memes are welcomed in work discussions, so your workdays will be entertaining. If you can identify areas for improvement, you'll have the chance to personally affect the procedures in a favorable way. One of the most important benefits of working for a startup is the opportunity to shape the history of the organization with the core team. You'll get a response! You'll have limitless options to advance your career and regular contact with clients from the best businesses in the world. Numerous intriguing and difficult situations are awaiting your resolution! You will receive both financial and mental health support during these difficult times. We'd be happy to jump on a call with you if you think this looks like a job. And let's introduce ourselves!

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  • Digital Marketing

    Graphics Designer

    An in-house graphic designer is needed full-time by Bestcrawl. We are fortunate to have a fantastic team, and we're seeking for another fantastic member to help us carry out this responsibility of graphic designer! Company Advantages: 800k with employer match for a full-time position Health, vision, and dental insurance with no time limits No evenings or weekends fully remote and home-based a welcoming society and environment Working Conditions: Create advertising materials with the support of our media buyers to enhance the performance of our clients' advertising campaigns. Create ad creative templates to manufacture ad creatives in large quantities using tested ad creatives. the creation of visuals for websites and landing pages building landing pages needed abilities: Website Design with Photoshop and Illustrator Landing Page Design the capacity to work fast and meticulously Ability to use your creativity to create templates that will speed up the production of ad creatives lucidity in communication good communication and writing abilities Observation of details Please email me at the address provided below if you are interested in this opportunity. Your application will not be received or viewed if the subject line does not contain the words "AE Graphic Designer."

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